Aisha and Lukas

Welcome to Jordan

“Welcome to Jordan” Cycling in the ever-changing landscapes of Jordan has been magical. In 100km you could be below sea level and quickly rise up to 1400m crossing wadis, sandy deserts and rocky mountains. Ultimately, the extremely friendly and intelligent people we met here in Jordan enriched our stay. We heard the phrase “Welcome to Jordan” hundreds

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What are the secrets of a regenerative lighthouse farm in Austria🇦🇹?

  Our 5th farm stop was in Austria. Here we met Alfred Grand, an organic farmer and entrepreneur who has transformed his family’s 90-hectare conventional wine and sugar beet farm into a diversified organic arable farm, vegetable garden, agroforestry, vermi-composting, and research and demonstration hub. Alfred wants to demonstrate that it is feasible to leave

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Cycling from The Netherlands to Slovenia 🇳🇱🇩🇪🇦🇹🇸🇮

A few months ago we started with our project Cycle to Farms in which we want to learn more about #regenerativeagriculture in the EU, the Middle East and East Africa. This video shows little snippets of our #biketravel through: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Let us know what you think 🙂 Support our mission

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Phase 1 Completed

A few months ago, it was still a dream to cycle and learn more about sustainable agricultural practices along the way. Exactly three months ago today, we started from Wageningen and now we are in Athens, Greece. We have officially cycled through the whole of Europe!!! As I type this I can’t believe it…. we

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2nd ep. How farmers build nature-inclusive agriculture?

Nature-inclusive agriculture from the Netherlands 🇳🇱   Our second farm visit after 50 km of cycling – De Biesterhof, a farm managed by Claudi Rudorf and Howard Koster. Two young people who switched their city lives in Berlin for building their own regenerative agriculture farm in a small town called Millingen aan de Rijn. We felt inspired

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The Balkans

2,5 months passed since we left Wageningen, we crossed the Balkan region and we are now already in Greece! Time to settle at a new farm and share our first thoughts on cycling through the Balkan region. Croatia Croatia in our opinion felt like a cross-over country. It had traits from Western European countries but

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