Phase 1 Completed

A few months ago, it was still a dream to cycle and learn more about sustainable agricultural practices along the way. Exactly three months ago today, we started from Wageningen and now we are in Athens, Greece. We have officially cycled through the whole of Europe!!! As I type this I can’t believe it…. we are really doing this. This whole journey feels unreal. We are experiencing and learning so much during this trip. Not only about our own skills -physical and mental stamina but also about the global food system. It is not always easy but the mission keeps us going!

During this time, we have not only learned about our own physical and mental strength, but we have also delved deeper into the #globalfoodsystem. As of today, not a day goes by without #farmers being in the news. Farmers are increasingly raising their voices, but not all farmers have the opportunity to do so. The #nitrogencrisis, the #Covidcrisis#climatechange and wars have made farmers even more vulnerable. With our project ‘Cycle to Farms’, we want to understand the efforts of farmers practicing #regenerativeagriculture. We believe that broadcasting their stories can help open up conversations and stimulate solution-based thinking.

Currently we are in Athens, doing some bike maintenance, getting some extra gear and getting ready for Jordan and Egypt. It’s going to be amazing! Hugs.

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Lukas & Aisha

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