Output & Audience & Risks


To publicise our findings we will record ±10 videos of ±15 minutes, which we store on our YouTube channel. We will use vlogs because it is a visually conveying and engaging way of telling the story. The content of the vlogs will focus on the farmers stories (understanding why they started with regenerative agriculture and why they think it is important) of the farmers and our insights.


With this project we aim to address individuals and communities that are interested in farming, cultural diversity and keen to take action to address climate crisis.


The main potential risks are:
1) Timing. We are planning to do this trip in ten months but as we are cycling more unforeseen events might occur which can impact our timeline.
2) Physical & mental fatigue. It is a long, demanding mission, which requires versatility and long term dedication. Therefore, over the past two years, we have actively trained for it, by running long distances, cycling long trips and learning more about sustainable farming practices such as regenerative farming.

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Lukas & Aisha

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