Impact & Innovation


This is a unique project that has never been done before in this format. It is innovative because it focuses on sustainable farming in different countries and continents. The mission of documenting and sharing different regenerative farming contexts promotes cross-continental dialogue in efforts focused on transforming conventional agriculture into more sustainable agriculture.


This project will have the following 4 impacts:

  1. Building awareness about the benefits of regenerative agricultural practices.
  2. Inspire individuals and communities to take action to address the climate crisis.
  3. Creating an understanding of how different factors (such as geographical, economic and environmental changes) impact incentives for regenerative farming practices.
  4. Promoting a dialogue advocating for partnership between EU and the Middle East and EU and Africa.


Cycle to Farms project’s main questions are:

  • How do farmers understand regenerative agriculture?
  • How is it practised in different countries and different regions?
  • What can farmers learn from each other?
  • What can policymakers learn from the farmers’ experiences with regenerative agriculture?

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Lukas & Aisha

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