First days on the road! & Intro video

After 4 months of preparations…

We are on the road!

Check our first intro video, where we briefly explain why we cycle, why we focus on regenerative agriculture and what’s ahead of us.

We have left Wageningen on 10th of May. Our first visit was 40 km away from Wageningen in a town called Groesbeek in the Netherlands where the food forest of Wouter van Eck and Pieter Jansen is located. We immediately found ourself in the midst of a romatic food forests, packed with a wide variety of plants, bushes and trees it caught our eyes as it was surrounded by vast area characterised by flat monoculture surface. In the same day, we have cycled another 10 km, where we visited former Wageningen university and Research, Master Organic Agriculture students, Claudi Rudorf and Howard Koster, who only 3 months ago, started with a brand new regenerative farm. In one day alone, we learned so much and we can’t wait to share our findings with you! We are currently cycling along the Rhine and writing from Neuwied, Germany. All in all, we are very excited about what lies ahead of us.

We are extremely grateful to all of you for supporting us with our mission. We feel the support and it helps us to keep going! Now take a look at some pictures from our first days. Thanks Roel!

We hope you are enjoy reading it! Help us to keep on going by pressing donation button below. Thank you!

Lukas & Aisha

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