1st ep. How can farmers bridge food production with forest? | The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Finally after cycling 2000 km and writing this from a camping in Montenegro we are releasing the very first video of Cycle to Farms project. It has been two beautiful months on the road already. During this time we have learned a lot and we are ready to share it with you! Enjoy watching and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Our first visit, only 40 km away from Wageningen in a town called Groesbeek in the Netherlands where the food forest of Wouter van Eck and Pieter Jansen is located. We immediately found ourself in the midst of a romantic food forests, packed with a wide variety of plants, bushes and trees. While we are still beginning our journey, Wouter has taught us a lot.

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Lukas & Aisha

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